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The Best of Camp Voyageur’s Blog

Welcome to the best of Camp Voyageur’s Blog, the place to start if you’re new to our blog, or just want to find out more about Camp Voyageur and its dynamic program of in-camp activities coupled with wilderness adventures. You can subscribe and find a chronological list of our posts here.

Established in 1951 in stark contrast to larger, corporate day camps that feature water slides and bubble blowing, Camp Voyageur is a rustic, family-owned camp with a traditional four-week program designed to cause boys age 10-18 to confront their self-concept and motivate them to explore and exceed what they thought were their limits. Confidence and independence come from this experience and it prepares them for life.

This is a collection of the best articles and stories over the years, that should help you discover what Camp Voyageur is truly about.

Tips for New Campers and Parents

Sending your kid to summer camp is a BIG decision. These articles will help you and your son prepare:

We Love the Northwoods

The lakes and forests of Northern Minnesota provide an antidote to technology and our complex, fast-paced world: