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Base Camp Voyageur

Where we work and play, and have a lot of fun…

Campers explore the full range of base camp activities. They may choose to play pickleball in the morning, sail in the afternoon and perform skits that evening (No talent is enough talent at Voyageur!). They can take day trips rock climbing near Lake Superior or travel a mile into the earth to visit the Soudan Mines. In their free time some practice for their sports teams back home, while others read, play games or go tubing.

In camp and on the trail, we have at least one counselor for every four boys.

Create, Engage, Imagine

The natural creativity of campers fuels in-camp fun. Cabins build and race cardboard boats, stage water balloon battles and scour the peninsula for outlandish characters to solve a mystery. At night the mess hall transforms into a theater, casino, auction house, submarine… even a time machine.

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Unplugged in the woods, boys actively participate.