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Basketball games are a daily occurrence here at camp. Whether you’re on the basketball team back home or a back yard player, camp is the perfect place to practice with friends.

Conveniently located in the center of the camp peninsula, the basketball court is the crossroads for camp activity. Members of our staff are basketball players who can help improve specific skills or challenge campers in the annual campers/counselors basketball game.

Thanks to Escalade Sports and generous alumni donations, we recently received two new ping-pong tables and four new basketball hoops!

Soccer & Field Sports

Many soccer players come to camp each summer, so we hit the pitch for a scrimmage every few days. Soccer is one of many field sports we enjoy on Pine Stadium: Ultimate Frisbee, croquette, flag football, California kickball, capture the flag and camp favorite, scrobnitz, take place on a regular basis. A free swim and perhaps a sauna generally follow the big game.

Racket Sports

We offer several racket sports at Voyageur, including badminton, tennis, pickle ball, paddle ball and ping pong. Program director Bill Burgman supervised resurfacing the tennis court in 2018. Now three popular pickle ball games can be played at one time. While some campers practice for school teams, many campers pick up a racket for the first time at camp and become hooked.

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Gaga Ball

Addictive and fast-paced, in this gentler version of dodgeball campers play in a pit with a soft foam ball; if the ball touches you below the knee, you’re out. Players cannot throw the ball. It must be hit with a closed or open hand. The last camper standing wins!

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