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Boundary Waters Adventures

The Wilderness Awaits

Camp Voyageur features a three-tiered tripping progression starting with a foundation of Boundary Waters canoe trips. Each summer campers dig deeper into the woods on longer and more rugged excursions while self-awareness and an appreciation for nature evolve. As campers become more seasoned they can take difficult trips canoeing in the Quetico, hiking along the North Shore and kayaking among the Apostle Islands.

The Foundation

Campers learn the basics of packing, paddling and portaging on Boundary Waters canoe trips. After a few days in the bush they lose track of time as trips become adventures in learning. Campers seek to help others, navigate and cook over an open fire. That effort yields feelings of accomplishment, magnificant waterscapes and renewed self-confidence in campers.

Advanced Trips

Advanced Trips are difficult 10-day adventures that leave a lasting impression on veteran campers over age 14. Advanced Trippers may progress from a Bushwhacker to become second in command to the trip counselor.


Camp Voyageur’s most experienced campers over age 15 may be invited on two to three-week expeditions beyond our region. These trips require careful planning and pre-trip training. Expeditions offer the adventure of a lifetime, venturing into remote north regions known for their distinct natural beauty.