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Boundary Waters Adventures

The Wilderness Awaits

Camp Voyageur features a three-tiered tripping progression starting with a foundation of Boundary Waters canoe trips. Each summer campers dig deeper into the woods on longer and more rugged excursions while self-awareness and an appreciation for nature evolve. As kids become more seasoned, they take longer wilderness trips. Some choose to hike along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Eventually older, veteran teenagers may qualify to canoe along the Canadian border or hike on Isle Royale.

The Foundation

Campers learn the basics of packing, paddling, and portaging on Boundary Waters canoe trips. After a few days in the bush with no screens, they lose track of time as trips become adventures in learning. Campers collaborate on portages, setting up the campsite, and preparing meals over an open fire. Their effort yields feelings of accomplishment, renewed self-confidence, and magnificent waterscapes.

Intermediate Adventures

As boys become more adept at wilderness tripping, they take on new challenges on a second trip each 4-week session. Determined by their interests and skills, these 5- to 7-day trips allow time to discover historic relics, pick berries, read, swim, sightsee, fish, and play cards. Campers crisscross the Boundary Waters from historic Lac La Croix to magical Rose Lake, paddling hundreds of lakes and rivers in between. Each canoe trip is an adventure and a journey of self-discovery, shared with Camp friends. Intermediate campers have the chance to pick up leadership skills by helping to pack food and gear, cook, navigate, carry canoes, and build fires.

Advanced Trips

The Advanced Trips for veteran campers over age 14 are difficult, 9- or 10-day adventures, some with additional fees. Many advanced trippers progress to become a counselor’s right-hand man. Immersed in beauty on ancient waterways and trails motivates campers to explore new routes and exceed their limits. Boys’ perseverance fosters selflessness, confidence, and a lifelong quest for adventure and connection with Ma Nature.

Advanced Trips include paddling to Grand Portage, the Voyageur’s Highway from International Falls to Camp, hiking enchanted Isle Royale, and kayaking the Apostle Islands. Once a camper has completed the Grand Portage, they become eligible for other Advanced Trips into Canada’s Quetico. Campers can pick one trip and request one friend to join per four-week session.

Kids learn survival skills on overnight outdoor adventures.