The diverse terrain found in the Boundary Waters provides a perfect opportunity for hiking trips. Hundreds of miles of trails connect the dense balsam, birch and pine forests of the region. Whether hiking along the high, rocky cliffs overlooking Snowbank Lake, passing through the thick, cool stands of cedar along the Kekekabic Trail or past remnants of the logging era on the Old Pines Trail, a different challenge awaits campers around every bend.

Campers’ adventures are not limited to the Boundary Waters. Each year, dozens will journey to Lake Superior’s north shore to backpack along a part of the 200 mile-long Superior Hiking Trail. Still others take a ferry ride onto mighty Lake Superior to hike through Isle Royale National Park.

Our most experienced campers will truck out west to the Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park, and Bob Marshall Wilderness for an unforgettable summer hike above the treeline, across high plateaus and over snow covered peaks.