Summer hiking trips for 10-18 year olds

The diverse, rocky terrain found in the Boundary Waters provides a unique opportunity for summer backpacking trips. Hundreds of miles of trails connect the dense balsam, birch, and pine forests of our region. Whether hiking along the high, rocky cliffs overlooking Snowbank Lake, passing through the thick, cool stands of cedar along the Kekekabic Trail, or past remnants of the logging era on the Old Pines Trail, a different challenge awaits campers around every bend.

Some campers also venture by foot beyond the Boundary Waters. Each year, several will journey to Lake Superior’s North Shore to backpack along a section of the 310-mile-long Superior Hiking Trail. Veteran campers over 14 may take a ferry ride onto mighty Lake Superior to hike across Isle Royale National Park for an additional fee.

Outdoor summer camps for youth and teens

Hiking teaches skills kids use for a lifetime of adventures. Participants navigate using paper maps, learning how to find water sources, read the topography to estimate pace, follow Leave No Trace wilderness ethics, care for their bodies and gear, and stay comfortable during inclement weather. Beautiful vistas stretching beyond the horizon, historic sites, beaches, and waterfalls accentuate the trail. Summer backpacking leads youth and teens to reveal their inner potential, gain physical and mental strength, and simply have time to reflect in nature. Hiking over land for five to ten days is more than simply walking. It’s a journey of personal growth and discovery.