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8 Weeks

June 14 – Aug. 8, 2020


Share the full CV experience while developing friendships in camp and along the trail.

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4 Weeks #1

June 14 – July 11, 2020


Recommended. Our traditional 4 week session combines base camp sports and two progressive wilderness trips.

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4 Weeks #2

July 12 – August 8, 2020


Recommended. Our traditional 4 week session combines base camp sports with two trips into the Boundary Waters wilderness.

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2 Weeks #1

June 28 – July 11, 2020


For returning Voyageurs on a tight summer schedule, includes a wilderness trip, the WELK Radio show, the Olympic Games and parent day.

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2 Weeks #2

July 26 – August 8, 2020


For returning Voyageurs, includes one wilderness trip, the WELK Radio show, the CV Olympics and parent day.

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12 Day Intro #1

June 14 – June 25, 2020


New campers can start summer with an introduction to Camp Voyageur, which includes in camp activities plus a Boundary Waters canoe trip.

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12 Day Intro #2

July 12 – July 23, 2020


This introduction to Voyageur for new campers includes fun and games at base camp and a Boundary Waters canoe trip.

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Girls Trip #1

June 4 – June 13, 2020


Girls spend a few days in camp preparing for a 7 day canoe trip through the Boundary Waters. For girls ages 10-18.

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Girls Trip #2

June 14 – June 23, 2020


Girls spend a few days in camp preparing for a 7 day canoe trip through the Boundary Waters. For girls ages 10-18.

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7 Day Fishing Opener

June 7 – June 13, 2020


Returning or new boys over age 12 will enjoy this early season, Minnesota DNR sponsored fishing excursion along the famed Basswood River. You may combine this trip with the first 4 week session.

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10 Day Quetico Trip

August 9 - August 18, 2020


For returning campers over age 14, discover Canada’s Quetico with fellow veterans on the heels of the CV season. You may combine this trip with the second 4 week session.

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8 Week Session

A Summer Full of Friends and Adventure

The best value in every sense of the word, eight weeks away from home and unplugged rejuvenates the soul. “Catch the Voyageur Spirit,” as physical fitness becomes routine and camping trips dig deeper into the backcountry unleashing self-discovery. In eight weeks at CV strength and confidence come naturally as boys become more responsibile to their group and seek opportunities to lead friends along the path. Camp’s simple, physical lifestyle whittles one down to the essence of their character. Kids get fit, become comfortable on stage and learn valuable life-long skills overcoming new challenges. Returning 8-week campers can spend nearly half their time on the trail as wilderness inspires a love of adventure and a lifelong appreiciation for nature.

4 Week Sessions

Pick from our two, 4 week sessions

Confidence soars and friendships grow strong over four weeks at Camp Voyageur. Our creative and energetic staff lead favorite activites like the CV’s Gong Show, the cardboard boat regatta, WELK radio show, and the CV Olympics watch videos. Boys get in shape playing sports as they prepare for two, progressively longer trips into the BWCAW and Superior National Forest, hiking Isle Royale, sea kayaking the Apostle Islands and traversing Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park. A four week session affords campers time to sail, windsurf, kayak or water ski and learn about archery and Ulmimate Frisbee. While some boys become Bushwackers and Big Men, others earn their name on a mess hall plaques by catching the biggest fish or swimming to nearby islands. Campers enjoy day fishing trips, tour the Soudan Iron Mines and visit Ely’s International Wolf Center and the North American Bear Center.

2 Week Sessions

For Returning Campers Only

Voyageur veterans can join their camp buddies for the home stretch of a 4 week session. This is your chance to refresh those pickle ball and Scrobnitz moves or knock that island swim off your bucket list. Wilderness trips head out a few days after you arrive, so come to camp in shape and ready to roll.

12 Day Intro Sessions

Short Sessions for First Time Campers

Voyageur offers two, 12 day Intro sessions in 2020 for new campers. These short sessions with limited space are easier to schedule. Twelve days give boys a taste of the fun and adventure of a summer at Voyageur. At base camp boys will enjoying a range of sports before “getting their feet wet” on a three-day Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) canoe trip. Contact us to answer your questions. Our hope is that you like camp so much, you want to stay for four weeks!

Girls Trips (10 Days)

Explore the Northwoods

In June Camp Voyageur offers two, 10 day canoe trips for girls ages 10-18. For novice or experienced campers, girls spend a few days in camp training for their trip and then head out for 7 days on the trail. While the Boundary Waters offer many canoe routes, older veterans may venture into the Quetico or hike Isle Royale National Park. Please contact us to ask Deb about the 2020 girls trip schedule.

7 Day Fishing Trip

Basswood Fishing Opener

Test America’s most bountiful waters in the best time of the fishing season. Sponsored by the Minnesota DNR, this trip is sure to get you hooked! Join our fishing counselor at favorite fishing spots along the Basswood River. The day after this trip ends, the first 4 week session begins, so you can combine the two. Weather can be cool and wet in early June, so come prepared. To learn more, our Trip Director!

10 Day Quetico Trip

Paddle Canada’s Pristine Waters

Most veteran campers over age 14 dream of a Quetico Provincial Park canoe trip. Sign up for this one in the warm days of August, following our 8 week camp season. Starting only 15 miles north of Voyageur, the remote routes of the Quetico have changed little since the French Voyageurs paddled birch bark canoes along these rocky shores . Campers will need a valid US passport and a Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) Permit to enter Canada. These lakes and rivers team with game fish and will lead to the adventure of a life time. Remove barbs from hooks when fishing in the Quetico. To learn more, our Trip Director!

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Reserve your son’s place at camp by registering online. Space is limited. Not ready to sign up? Request more information about our camp.

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Pay in Full Discount

Pay in full to SAVE $400 on our 8 week Session, $200 on the 4 week Sessions or $75 on a 2 week and 12 day Session. Girls Trippers save $65 by paying in full up front.


Thanks to a few alumni and friends who have given generously, camp’s outdoor educational scholarships make camp possible to more youth. Families can apply for Voyageur Foundation scholarships for financial assistance. Contact us to receive a scholarship application.

Refund Policy

A $1,000 deposit is required to save your spot for camp. The balance of the tuition is due on April 1st. The remaining tuition is due in full on November 1, 2019, or in equal installments at the first of each month, beginning on November 1, with a final installment due April 1, 2020.

A full refund is available if a camper reservation is cancelled by April 1, 2020. Cancellations after April 2, 2020 are nonrefundable, but can be applied to the 2021 camp season. Unused camp tuition is nonrefundable and forfeited.

A final billing will be sent out in early September. Tuition does not include travel to camp. Add a spending allowance of $150 per four-week session or $75 for a two-week or 12-day session for laundry and incidentals to tuition. Any remaining allowance will be fully refunded in the final billing statement.