Why I Chose to Work at Camp Voyageur

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I am freshly graduated from college but am certain that I still have a lot to learn before I set my life on any permanent track, therefore I chose to pursue seasonal labor. With that in mind, the key for me was finding a place where I could both bring something to the table and be able to learn something. A bonus was finding something that I love to do.

During my interview with Deb Erdmann, it became clear that Camp Voyageur is a place that helps both campers and counselors grow.

Even in the short time I was there, I learned about camp maintenance, trip guiding tricks, safety procedures, roofing, masonry, and many other skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. In addition to the chance to learn skills, I found teachers in every person at camp. I got to see their passions and capabilities, and from that, I found a chance to grow as a person as well. Wise men say that the best way to improve oneself is to surround yourself with role models. That is what I believe I found at Camp Voyageur.

As a new counselor who came to camp while the world is reforming, I would imagine my experience was far from the norm, where instead of wrangling campers we spent days wrangling balsam. Yet I certainly enjoyed my time on the peninsula. The Erdmann’s, and my fellow counselors made transitioning to camp life a fun and amicable experience. I became fast friends with Kyle, Mikey, and Harrison and it’s incredibly fun to work with them! I’m still not sure about Alex though… anyway!

Who can complain about working outside, having all your meals cooked for you, and having a whole peninsula to yourself! I feel very fortunate to have landed at CV this summer.

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