Four Weeks in the Woods

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“How would you like to go to tech-free summer camp for a month, son?”

Four weeks in the woods without Snapchat? Not gonna happen!

Four weeks in the woods without YouTube? Why would you punish me, I’ve been good this year!?

Four weeks in the woods without playing games wasting time on my phone with no purpose whatsoever, no goal, no gain, no nothin’? Why in the world would I want to do that?!

Yeah, we get it. Sending your kid to summer camp for a month may not be an easy sell, and you will probably not be their favorite parent for a while, but so what? When did it become the job of parents to be their kid’s best friend? They are your kids. They, as a matter of nature, do not always know what is good for them. That is your job! You are not necessarily their friend.

You may have to struggle through the month with either no kids or one less kid on your hands. I don’t know a busy mom or dad who wouldn’t benefit from a short break from parenting (pssst, it is OK to admit it and there is a reason for the age-old expression that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”). Life begins at the edge of our comfort zone. I would like to help you make the decision to send your kid up to northern Minnesota.

What do you consider healthier for your child?

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A month spent with the majority of free time spent behind a screen of some type,


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a month that includes so much fresh air that no matter how hard they try to stay awake in their cabins at night, we guarantee they will sleep the deep sleep of the Gods?

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A month running out of things to do and constantly asking to be taken somewhere, for money to spend wherever that may be, and a ride to and from (with stops to pick up their friends),


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a month where they will make new friends, have new experiences, and learn to do and make things (instead of watching other kids do things on YouTube - I mean really, there is a kid on YouTube who makes tens of millions of dollars each year because other kids watch him open toys!?)

Camp Voyageur is worth it.

Two, four, or eight weeks spent at a summer camp like Camp Voyageur is a chance for your child to grow as individual, spend time in nature, and learn practical skills – outdoor safety, building a shelter, following instructions, and trying new things – but most importantly the opportunity to learn about themselves in terms of social constructs, getting out of their comfort zone, and interacting with other boys across a wide range of ages.

The difference you will see in your child when they come home from a summer spent at a wilderness adventure camp will be displayed in their increased self-confidence, ability to make new friends, and even the way they see the world – in terms of nature and how important it is and also our role as being just one part of this amazing world. Wilderness adventure camps can transform your child’s life.

Sound too good to be true? Shoot us an or give us a call, we would love to talk to you and tell you what an amazing impact an adventure camp can have on your son.

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