7 Summer 2022 Camper Trends

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Gaga Ball

Addictive and fast-paced, this gentler version of dodgeball has been all the rage for cabins one through three. Campers are in a pit with a soft foam ball; if the ball touches you below the knee, you’re out. Players cannot throw the ball, it must be hit with a closed or open hand. The last camper standing wins!

Closely Contested Inspections

We hold Inspections each morning after breakfast at Voyageur base camp, which rewards the American flag to the cleanest cabin. Most years, one cabin dominates. So far this year, they’ve all been pretty even! Kudos to our counselors for inspiring orderly cabins.


Our backyard is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, so the fact that we’ve already sent out four overnight hiking trips this year and numerous day-hike trips is a testament to the growing popularity of backpacking at CV.


Since 2016, no footwear was been more controversial and widely used as Crocs. Much to the counselors’ chagrin, campers in “Sport Mode”– with the strap hooked around their heels– have tried to weasel by our watchful eyes to play sports in their Crocs. We send them right back into their cabins to change into proper athletic shoes. Nonetheless, Crocs are perfect for lounging around and cleaning up in the sauna and beach area. Their grippy soles and comfort make them the perfect dry shoe for slipping into after a long day’s paddle.

Friendship Bracelets

Art educator Dean Fry transformed the craft shop into one of the most popular buildings in camp. Chief among his engaging activities thus far has been creating friendship bracelets. Campers are frequently seen braiding their unique bracelets on the plastic loop of their Nalgene. Receiving a bracelet is an honor and also an assignment– for it’s against the ancient friendship bracelet rules to receive one and not give one back in return!


When Bill Burgman’s Tennis Complex was refurbished as Bill Burgman’s Pickle Plex in 2018, little did we know the dominance pickleball would have. Its reign continues today as the next generation hones their skills in America’s most popular lifelong sport.

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Hoot Owls

Who cooks for youuuu? Deb cooks for me! Two hoot owls, also known as barred owls, have moved onto the peninsula. The pair seem to be unafraid of curious campers and can be seen frequenting Pine Stadium and the cedar swamp. Their presence is welcomed for both their alluring hoots and excellent rodent control.

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