10 Camp-Inspired Activities to Do With Kids

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Looking to mix things up at home with your family? Try one of these activities from our very own playbook!

The keys to success for most of our activities is that they must be themed, hosted by high-energy quirky characters (who never break role), and the set should contain several props. Camp Voyageur’s in-camp program features all of these activities and with a few modifications, you too can catch the Voyageur Spirit with these great projects!

Campers spend a little over half of their time at Voyageur base camp. While land and water sports make up most of the day, outlandish characters do visit the peninsula often to put on treasure hunts, talent shows, music festivals, and more.

You are only limited by your imagination. Please share a photo or video of your activity on social media and tag us. We’d love to see it!

1. Radio Show

Kooky characters host a live talent show where “no talent is enough talent!” Kids are given several periods throughout the day to practice their acts, then at showtime they take turns performing on stage. Each kid must be in a group act, too. While skits and music make up the meat and potatoes of the best radio shows, other acts include magic, impressions, comedy, sports skills, parkour, odd body contortions, passage reading, and just about anything.

2. Klondike Day

Kids hunt for gold (or invasive species,rocks, dog poop, etc..) and must bring what they find back to the sketchy bankers, who determine the costs of their items and then pay the kids in monopoly money… or beans. A nice activity to pair with Casino Night!

3. Casino Night

A simple but fun night where several game stations around the room are set up featuring chess, checkers, arm wrestling, and card and board games. Don’t forget to provide popcorn and refreshments!

4. Clue Mystery

Set the scene with a bizarre character showing up in a frenzy because he or she crash-landed their ship nearby, which sets off a mysterious chain of events and something ends up missing (your TV, microwave, etc..). Kids go around to the various scenes or stations examining the cryptic clues, trying to solve the mystery. Afterwards, the kids write down what they believe happened and then the host finally reveals the inexplicable Truth.

5. Cardboard Fort

Our cardboard boat regatta is many campers’ favorite activity. It’s surprising what kids can build with a few rolls of duct tape, a utility knife (supervision required), cardboard, and markers! Make sure to set the scene with a theme (i.e., unique historical fortresses, futuristic forts) and judge the contestants’ designs at the end.

6. Olympics

Two commissioners are sent from Mt. Olympus herself to deem two kids worthy of being Olympic captains. The captains privately work together to split the teams up evenly. A variety of events are chosen and the captains work with each team to decide who will do which event and how many points each is worth. The Games are kicked off with the ceremonial lighting of the torch. Day 1 consists of individual and team sports. The Games culminate on Day 2 with an obstacle course relay race. The final leg is the Fire Build, where the two team captains square off building a fire in a race to boil soapy water the fastest. The final score is fun to fun!

7. Music Festival

Preferably done outdoors, this child-friendly concert features a stage with live music, karaoke, and dance contests. In the other areas throughout the festival grounds, kids can tie-dye t-shirts, chill in hammocks, roast marshmallows, play catch, attempt slacklining, and/or watch the show from their lawn chairs.

8. Trip Stories

Everyone around the campfire (or virtual campfire) take turns sharing their most memorable moments from an unforgettable adventure. Photos and videos really help the trip to “come alive”.

9. Cook Over the Campfire

Camp Voyageur campers: We know how you miss rice and beans with sausage. Show your parents how you can cook your favorite trail meal over the campfire!

Everyone else: Cooking over the campfire is a lot harder than it looks. Just when you think you’ve got it going, your fire dies. Give it a try!

Hint: Outside of the classic brats and burgers, think one-pot meals like soup or rice and beans.

10. Backyard Camping

If you’ve got the space and resources, spend the night camping outside. No electronics or trips to the house (except to use the restroom) are allowed! You’ll be surprised how early you fall asleep. Goes well with Cooking Over the Campfire and Trip Stories.

Let us know how it goes in the comments section!

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