CVBB - New Hoops, New Game

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As campers started to pour into camp throughout the first day, many couldn’t help but notice one surprising change to our beloved CV peninsula. That’s right, the wooden basketball hoops we knew and loved were gone! But have no fear, because four new hoops are here! Basketball has always been a prominent activity period game, and with our brand new gear, it looks like basketball is going to have an even larger number of participants this summer.

As a first year counselor, I didn’t expect to see much interest in basketball, especially since CV is so wilderness oriented, but oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. We have the fortune of enjoying 6 counselors with basketball experience, and plenty of enthusiastic and inspired campers who would rather spend their activity periods duking it out on the court.

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Basketball has been a favorite sport of mine for my entire life. There are a plethora of ways to make an impact on the court. Each and every player has value, and everyone is expected to have fun. Kids learn to pass often, run up and down the court for easy layups and most importantly, play tough defense. No one learns these skills overnight, but with new, high quality hoops donated from Escalade Sports, CVBB will be played at a much higher level. I am excited to teach campers the art of the game, and hopefully, pass my passion for Basketball to a few new players in the process.