Voyageur Christmas Gift Ideas

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Camp Swag

Second only to, “Will there be hot cereal?”, one of the most frequently asked questions at Camp is, “Can you open the store?” Indeed, the “camp store”–as the small porch attached to the Director’s Cabin is known–has long sold various items such as fishing lures, paddles, and CV apparel. It has perennially been the go-to spot for purchasing camp-related souvenirs and swag.

Recently, however, the camp store received its most historic upgrade ever: It’s available online! Deb and Suzanne set up a shop with the eCommerce platform Shopify, meaning your favorite Voyageur t-shirts are available year-round with the click of a button. Visit to browse the current selection and place an order.


These clogs have taken the camping world by storm. Surprisingly grippy soles–even when wet–provide traction for walking around campsites, jumping into the lake after a hot sauna, or mopping the cabin floors for Inspection. Some campers find a buddy of the same size and exchange one of their crocs. Others decorate theirs with shoe charms. Cool, man.


Compact, lightweight, and comfortable–campers love lounging in hammocks near their cabins and on the trail. ENO used to be the only quality name in the game, but other brands like Wise Owl have caught up.

Inflatable Sleeping Pad

It’s hard to beat the Klymit Static V. The lightweight inflatable mattress is durable, compact, easily inflated, and comfortable even while sleeping on a rock. There are numerous other quality brands, just be sure to get the inflatable air pads that pack up compactly, not bulky foam or self-inflating pads.

LED Headlamp

Whether your child is crawdad hunting at night or reading a book before bed, LED headlamps are so useful at Camp. Ensure to get one with a red light option for neighbor-friendly fun, like the Energizer Headlamp Pro260.

Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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