6 Stocking Stuffers for the Voyageur in Your Family

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These 6 gifts are sure to make the Voyageur in your family one happy camper!

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1. Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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Controversially listed under the “optional” category of the CV Clothing and Equipment List, inflatable sleeping pads are for more than just cushioning - they also provide insulation, which is important even in the summer. Make sure to get the inflatable air pads that pack up compactly, not bulky foam pads or self-inflating pads. REI has a great guide on how to choose sleeping pads.

2. Personal Prints

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Counselors spend a significant amount of time ensuring the summer is well documented with photos (and videos), so please don’t let their hard work go to waste! Check out our photo gallery, download your favorite picture of your child, and turn it into a neat print for a bedroom wall! Shutterfly is a great go-to for prints, and often provides holiday discounts.

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3. Fishing Lures

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We recommend to keep it simple. Wacky worms have been the hottest lure lately, but we also recommend jigs of various colors, spoons, spinners, Rapala crankbaits, and a few 6” steel leaders. Top it off with a wilderness trip-friendly small plastic tackle box (approx. 6x9”).

4. Books

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Harry Potter fever hit camp last year. Ensure your child doesn’t miss out on the craze. This wonderful series by J.K. Rowling takes place in an exciting and magical world, but deep down the story is about loyalty, courage, and love, and is very tough to put down! It’s also important to note that these books are enjoyable even for adults, so when your child is done, give them a read.

Missing the great Northwoods? Singing Wilderness by Sigurd Olson is an easy-to-read book about the simple yet profound events of nature in the Northwoods. A camper favorite around campfires on the trail!

Any plant or animal field guide for the BWCA/Quetico is also sure to be a big hit. Canoe Country Flora or Canoe Country Wildlife are both friendly field guides full of interesting facts about the region.

5. BWCAW Stickers

Without technology and school cliques, stickers assume the form of fashion statements at camp. Stickers showcase that the Voyageur in your family has travelled far and wide. They are commonly used to decorate water bottles and trunks. For some unique Boundary Waters stickers, visit Redbubble.

6. LED Head Lamp

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Hands-free lighting is so valuable for Voyageurs. Bathroom breaks in the middle of the night, brushing teeth before bed, and hanging out in the tent are all situations made better with headlamps. Ensure to get the kind that also has a red light option for neighbor-friendly reading at night.


Dry bags are vital to keeping spare clothes and other gear dry on the trail. Unfortunately, many kids come to camp with an oversized dry bag that doesn’t fit into our portage packs. Please make sure your child has the right sized dry bag! Sea-to-Summit makes a nice dry bag, but ensure it is between 20-35 Liters in size.

Not as exciting, but definitely functional!

Happy Holidays from Camp Voyageur!