Alex and John B. Launch Camp Podcast

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Years ago, John Burgman and Peter Grunawalt unveiled the W.ELK Podcast, which featured chats with Camp alums and explored various camp-related topics. The show proved to be extremely popular, despite its limited run of episodes. Now, with podcasts more popular than ever, the show has returned under a slightly different name—The Camp Voyageur Podcast.

Episodes feature co-hosts Alex Kvanli and John Burgman discussing various aspects of Camp, interviewing former and present-day campers and staff, and sharing memories. Peter Grunawalt is still part of the endeavor as well, helping out with some audio engineering behind the scenes. To listen to the revamped Camp Voyageur Podcast, search for it anywhere you typically get your other podcasts—such as Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Podcasts.

Got a few interesting trip stories to share on the show? We’d love to hear them! Reach out to .