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The Big Trips: Voyageurs Return!

Our campers have returned from their second round of trips, which spanned from 8-10 days in length. Since their first round trips laid a good foundation of camping-related skills, campers took to the trips like naturals. It certainly helped that...
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Voyageurs Return: First Round of Trips!

Tuesday afternoon, the camp peninsula was brought back to life as all of our wilderness trips trickled back into camp without incidence. Given the storms and wind we’ve seen in the past few days, the fact that everyone was in...
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The Staff Trip: Camping Like It’s Your Job

Once per summer, some of the most qualified wilderness leaders of the century gather in one location to test and hone their skills. That place happens to be Camp Voyageur. And these wilderness leaders I speak of? Why, they’re our...
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Introducing Wandering Elk Radio: The Podcast

Veteran counselor, educator, and author John Burgman writes from South Korea… “A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to write a book about camp. Over the years, camp has produced so many memorable moments, characters, and captivating trip...
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Trip Stories: “Atop the Boundary Waters”

This trip story comes in from first year camper Chris during his 8 day trip in the Northern Boundary Waters. Although it was his second trip here at camp, it was his first canoe trip. He writes… On my eight...
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