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The Trail of Life – Revisted

An Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker John Behnke [as told to John Burgman] Anyone who has attended Camp Voyageur knows that embracing the past—and understanding history—is an important aspect of the summer experience. It’s why we still sleep in the same...
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Introducing Wandering Elk Radio: The Podcast

Veteran counselor, educator, and author John Burgman writes from South Korea… “A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to write a book about camp. Over the years, camp has produced so many memorable moments, characters, and captivating trip...
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Summer Camp: An American Tradition

Writer, traveler, and veteran counselor John Burgman writes from South Korea… Over the weekend, a low-pressure system that had lingered for days and dropped nonstop rain on my town finally dissolved. When it did, the landscape emerged in a seemingly...
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Our Own Little Civilization

In an interview with Vicky Erdmann Burgman this past summer (2015), we explore the relatively unknown history of camp in our Alumni Story series at the Camp Life Blog. This week’s blog features the ice house, the generator hut, and...
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Camp Legends & Lore: “Nature Boy”

Many an alumni have fond memories of Nature Boy, a mysterious log that floated vertically in the camp bay. But few campers within the past 30 years know the full story of Nature Boy, or that he still may live...
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