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The 2017 Padde Post

Have you read the latest Camp Voyageur Paddle Post? Be sure to catch up with the latest summer happenings with the 2017 digital edition. As always, we’ve collected stories from both our campers and counselors. I bet there’s a few...
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“7 Ways to Maximize Misery” (WARNING: Sarcasm)

Uhhh, so what is this about? I’ll stop with the click-baiting. The purpose of this post is to share a video which I feel speaks to some tendencies in not just teens, but in many of my own peers, that...
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The new case for a tech-free summer camp experience

Given the historic precedence of computers and the internet and how integrated technology has become in our children’s modern education, spending a month or two away from screens is a much bigger commitment than it used to be. In fact,...
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The Trail of Life – Revisted

An Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker John Behnke [as told to John Burgman] Anyone who has attended Camp Voyageur knows that embracing the past—and understanding history—is an important aspect of the summer experience. It’s why we still sleep in the same...
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Youth Woodsmen Mid-Season Update

The Youth Woodsmen Competition kicked off a few weeks ago and it’s time for a mid-season update! The Woodsmen measures campers’ fitness levels when they arrive at camp and at the end of camp. Fitness tests included curl-ups, shuttle run,...
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