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CV Enters First Youth Woodsmen Competition

  The 2017 Youth Woodsmen Competition kicked off today and for the first time ever, Camp Voyageur signed up! The Woodsmen is a competition that dates back to the early 1950’s, when President John F. Kennedy said that “physical fitness...
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Aloha! Session 1 Ends, Session 2 Begins

Just as campers from Session 1 started making their way home on Saturday, new campers from around the world started journeys both long and short to the peninsula. It’s quite the experience to say farewell to a group of boys...
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The Big Trips: Voyageurs Return!

Our campers have returned from their second round of trips, which spanned from 8-10 days in length. Since their first round trips laid a good foundation of camping-related skills, campers took to the trips like naturals. It certainly helped that...
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“Make Camp Great Again”

Camp is what you put into it. This has been true since its founding in 1951. In fact, most of the structures and facilities around camp have been built up not only under the direction of the Erdmann family, but...
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Introducing Wandering Elk Radio: The Podcast

Veteran counselor, educator, and author John Burgman writes from South Korea… “A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to write a book about camp. Over the years, camp has produced so many memorable moments, characters, and captivating trip...
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