Cabin Life

Cabin Life

One of the best experiences at camp is the community life that comes with living with your peers in a shared space. All of our cabins have lakefront views. They stretch around the tip of the camp peninsula with intersecting foot-trails that lead to the bathrooms, showers, a sauna, and the main road. Hardly visible from the lake, the cabins are surrounded by a well-tended forest of birch and pines.

Each cabin is staffed with at least two counselors at a ratio of 1 counselor per 3 campers. Cabin chores are shared by everyone in the cabin, including the counselors. A brief cabin inspection is done after every breakfast to ensure bunks are made, wet swim suites are hanging up on the dry-lines, clothes are organized, and the floor is swept. Cabin groups are primarily organized by age, though some exceptions are made for veteran campers and advanced trippers.

Beyond simply living together, cabins will sometimes participate in team building activities. One popular activity is the cardboard boat regatta, where the cabin must build a seaworthy vessel using only cardboard and duck tape and compete in a series of events in the water. Though there are a few such activities throughout the summer, we still encourage campers to make friends outside of their cabins.

For new campers, the cabin community will be their go-to group of friends for the first few days. It can be a little overwhelming at first to meet so many new people. However, getting to know their cabin mates first will be help them adjust to the camp life.

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