Voyageur Foundation Funds Counselor Incentive Package

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The Voyageur Experience Starts with Great Counselors

Counselors are the heart and soul of every quality summer camp. They live in cabins with the campers, organize activities, and create engaging evening programs. Counselors at Camp Voyageur also lead wilderness trip experiences, so they need current Wilderness First Aid and Lifeguard Training certifications.

Obtaining those certifications can be a hurdle, so Voyageur Foundation, Inc. recently voted to offer counselor candidates hiring incentives. A counselor staying for 12 weeks with both certifications can earn a $1000 bonus, or a $500 bonus for staying at least 10 weeks. A smaller sum is paid for having one of the two certifications. Camp Voyageur, Inc. and Voyageur Foundation, Inc. also offer bonuses for early sign-on ($300 by 12/1, $100 by 4/1), staff referrals ($300 per), travel ($200), specializations, and exceptional work ($200+). The incentives are in addition to $350/week starting pay for new, fully certified counselors.

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Voyageur is looking for a few male counselors for the upcoming season. If you know any hard-working guys of sound judgment and integrity who possess a passion for working with children and a love of nature, please share our Staff Brochure and . While their friends grind away in the city all summer, counselors enjoy a fulfilling summer of personal growth and adventure mentoring boys and exploring the Boundary Waters Wilderness… and thanks to Voyageur Foundation, Inc., they can return home with a chunk of change.