Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

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It’s the final days of 2020 so it’s a good time to round up the most popular blog posts of the year, in case you missed a few!

First, check out #10 through #6:

Top 2020 Blog Posts

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5. The Most Unusual Summer

Opening camp in 2020 was unlike any other summer. While, like in previous years, counselors and alumni joined us in cleaning up the grounds and opening up buildings, the absence of the impending arrival of 35 campers was felt throughout the peninsula. Nonetheless, we took advantage of the 2020 summer.

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4. Voyageur Offers Guided Trips with Counselors

We amped up our outfitting in 2020, and several Camp families took advantage of the opportunity to go on adventures with their favorite counselors.

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3. 11 Proven Ways Wilderness Adventure Camps Can Transform Your Kid’s Life

Technically authored in 2019 but still popular in 2020, this comprehensive piece reveals the very foundation of Camp Voyageur’s philosophy:

By banning electronics, detaching participants from their normal patterns and behaviors, and connecting them with nature in a supportive group setting, wilderness adventure camps are designed to cause participants to confront their self-concept and motivate them to explore and exceed what they thought were their limits. Confidence and independence come from this experience and it prepares kids for life.

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2. 2020 Summer Sessions Canceled

The sting of canceling our first summer camp season in 70 years was only lessened by the tremendous outpouring we received from our Camp family in the form of letters, cards, donations, and overall support for our decision.

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1. 3 Musts in the BWCA

Hal Holmes recounts camp founder Charlie Erdmann’s three famous quips which have spoken volumes to generations of campers about to embark on a canoe-camping adventure. The piece found its way to a Facebook BWCAW forum, where members admired the simple but all-too-true sayings.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to a great 2021!