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Hi from the Trip Director!

Winter is flying by and summer is fast approaching. In a couple of weeks, the National Forest Service will open wilderness reservations for the 2020 summer season. In addition to our most popular wilderness routes, CV will offer an array of options for traveling outside of our region. Please note that each trip has age and other requirements. Each permit we make requires the names of four registered campers, so we ask that you select your son’s preferences from the options listed below. Please to sign up or if you have any questions!

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I'm going on an adventure!

Great trip options for veteran Voyageur campers age 12 and older.

Trips below are offered on a first-come basis during the first two weeks of each session. Campers may request one friend to accompany them on a trip.

Six-day border lakes fishing trip.

Head a day’s paddle to the U.S./Canada Border for the ultimate fishing experience. Camp four nights on Iron Lake in the heart of the Boundary Waters, filling your daily limit and tummy with trophy smallmouth, pike, and walleye. To be eligible for this popular fishing intensive trip, campers must:

  • Have attended Camp Voyageur previously and proven proficient in paddling, portaging, and fishing.
  • Be age 12 or older.
  • Bring a spin casting rod and reel and a small tackle box with multiple spinners (spoons), jigs, and crank baits (Rapalas).

Feldtmann Loop five-day hike on Isle Royale.

Hike the gorgeous Feldtmann Loop on Isle Royale National Park. Watch the colorful sunset on Rainbow Cove. Swim in frigid Lake Superior at Siskiwit Bay. Discover Isle Royale’s history at the abandoned Isle Mine. Catch a glimpse of an elusive moose. This trip carries an additional fee of $400. To be eligible for this hike, campers must:

  • Have attended Camp Voyageur previously and proven proficient in wilderness tripping skills.
  • Be age 12 or older.
  • Be capable of carrying a backpack of at least 30 pounds for 8 miles a day over rugged terrain.
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Choose your adventure

10-day Advanced Trips for veteran campers over age 14.

For campers who have previously attended camp and proven proficient in wilderness tripping. Advanced Trips explore unique wilderness destinations and challenge our experienced campers’ abilities to develop more perseverance. These trips occur during the second two weeks of each session and are offered on a first come, first served basis, and require four campers to register:

  • Canoe in the Quetico Provincial Park from Agnes Lake Entry.
  • Experience the Grand Portage.
  • Venture along the Voyageur’s Highway from International Falls to camp.
Session Two Only Trips:
  • Hike across Isle Royale National Park.
  • Kayak the Apostle Islands.

Canoe in the Quetico Provincial Park from Agnes Lake Entry.

The Quetico Provincial Park of Ontario is the preferred destination for many wilderness canoeists and fishermen. Thousands of emerald lakes and rivers flow through the Quetico bound for Hudson Bay. The Quetico is more remote than the popular BWCAW, so she’s teaming with game fish. Whether you move daily or sit at a favorite campsite, you’ll see few other visitors here. Portages and campsites are primitive, adding to the allure of this wilderness. Campers must carry a 1) US passport, 2) a RABC Permit, and a 3) Letter of Authorization from a parent or guardian to enter Canada. Parents apply for the RABC (Remote Area Border Crossing) Permit online. This trip carries an additional fee of $400. Quetico entry reservations dry up by the spring, so sign up now for the trip a lifetime.

Experience the Grand Portage.

Paddle east from camp along the iconic inland water route preferred by French Voyageurs to Lake Superior. Witness the crystal-clear Knife Lake, along with the beautiful Granite River. Rose and Mountain Lakes lead east to the Height of Land and down the rapid Pigeon River. Then comes your ultimate challenge; the 8.5-mile portage topped with a plunge into the frigid Lake Superior waters. The promise of new toque and some pizza at Sven and Ole’s make the 10-day paddle worth the effort.

Venture along the Voyageur’s Highway from International Falls to camp.

Experience the revival of CV’s most popular route in the 60s and 70s. Begin near International Falls and paddle the big waters along the “other” side of the Voyageur’s Highway 120+ miles all the way to camp. Witness the vastness of Rainy Lake as you paddle through Voyageur’s National Park, stopping to explore its famed islands along the way. Skirt Crane Lake, up the Loon River into historic Lac La Croix. Then paddle through fishing hot spot Crooked Lake, up the Basswood River back to camp.

Hike across Isle Royale National Park (session two only).

Hike the varied forests and rocky ridges of the Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior. This trek begins with a ferry ride from Grand Portage to Wendigo. Then hike for days through pine, cedar, and birch forests, along beaches and rocky coves. Isle Royale is home to wolves, moose and spectacular vistas. Hiking on the chilly north shore of Lake Superior requires a stocking cap, wool socks and liners, broken in hiking boots, and quality rain gear. Come to camp with a quality rain jacket and pants and be prepared to backpack up to one third of your body weight for 10 to 15 miles a day. Additional fee of $400.

Kayak the Apostle Islands (session two only).

Kayakers will embark on a 8-day tour of the Apostle Island National Lake Shore on Lake Superior. The Apostle Islands are a summer boating destination which feature crystal clear waters, sand beaches, historical sites, rocky shores, and magical sea caves. This trip is reserved for select Voyageurs who have proven their skill on numerous wilderness trips over multiple summers. The crew will practice kayaking skills in camp and attend a special training session for two days. This trip fills up fast, so sign up now. Additional fee of $400.

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