Today Was a Duff Day

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Veteran camper Christian W. recently released the exclusive lyrics for his new hit single Today Was a Duff Day, featuring counselor Paul Nelson. He recounts a recent trip which was full of Duff Days, or days on the trail where campers don’t pack up and move out, but rather use the campsite as a basecamp for a day full of fun activities and relaxation. Listeners of the 2019 WELK Pirate Radio Show were the first to hear his new hit single, which has since meteorically risen to the top of Wandering Elk’s Hot 100.

Today Was a Duff Day

Just waking up in the morning feeling some type of way,

feeling fresh, paddled 30-miles yesterday.

Went through the Man Chain, barely broke a sweat,

no pain, no gain when you’re in the Quet.

Paddle through Agnes, catch a bass, maybe two.

Darkie got some pictographs, that’s cool

Waist deep in the mud, got the pack on my back.

Making dinner late, got the headlamp on.

Went to bed at 11:30, that’s all I got to say,

but it don’t really matter cause Today Was a Duff Day.

10 in the morning and I’m still chillin on my thermarest,

no bugs in the tent, yeah that’s what I call the best.

Head outside, and I don’t gotta pull up the tent stakes,

then I turn my head to see someone making pancakes.

Put my feet up, use a log as a backrest.

Left over gorp and eatin walleye for my breakfast.

Thank god I can relax today.

That’s all I got to say, because,

Today Was a Duff Day.

Maybe take a day trip to a waterfall,

go swimming in the drink and have a ball.

Cliffside looks like a villa,

sit on the edge and munch on a gorptilla.

Rained on and off the whole trip,

brighten up the mood with a bit of trail frisbee.

Chillin with my buddies feelin so free,

the whole trip all thanks to Mikey

Paddle back cause it’s getting kinda late,

no bears went through our stuff and I’m feelin pretty great.

Cause Today Was a Duff Day.

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