Green-head Gossip: The "Throne Poem"

1970FlemmingDexhimerimg350 On the right, Gary Dexheimer, Ft. Wayne, IN, counselor for two years. Photo taken in the summer of 1971.

Former counselor Gary Dexheimer brings us the story of the mysterious throne poem. He writes:

For far too many years, I have carried a poem in my wallet copied from the underside of a box-toilet lid from a camp site on an island with the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area). I spent two wonderful summers during college as a counselor at an outdoor adventure canoeing based camp in Ely, MN. On one memorable trip, I found this note inscribed on the head. One had to be caught up in the surrounding beauty and the circumstances of that time to really appreciate the meaning of that moment. Naturally, I always wondered about the author. Who was he? Why was he there on that island? And what caused him to so painstakingly burn this note in the underside of this head lid. Since there is reportedly seven degrees of separation, maybe someone out there knows the signature Katsom who in 1969 penned;

While sitting alone on this forest throne, I hasten to write these lines. What a gorgeous place to move ones bowels while gazing up through the pines. It seems damn funny to spend such money that man may walk a wasted moon, when beauty and riches abound the land set to music by the cry of the loon. If man dreams dear a new flying frontier, not the stars in Gods heaven condone. Let me say it should be a majestic trip up the path to the forest throne.

A big thanks to Gary for sharing this story with us. If you have any stories you’d like to contribute, please get in touch!