Youth Woodsmen Mid-Season Update

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The Youth Woodsmen Competition kicked off a few weeks ago and it’s time for a mid-season update! The Woodsmen measures campers’ fitness levels when they arrive at camp and at the end of camp. Fitness tests included curl-ups, shuttle run, v-sit reach, half-mile run, pull-ups, and push-ups.

The results of the first session are remarkable! Over a span of only 24 days, campers improved significantly in nearly every statistical category. Campers’ half-mile run times improved, on average, by over 20 seconds. One camper even improved his half-mile run time by 1 min 35 seconds! By the end of the session, campers were able to complete nearly twice as many pull-ups, and perform at least 5 more pushups. One camper was able to go from performing 20 pushups to 35! Campers’ agility, measured by the shuttle run, improved by over a half-second. Campers’ core strength, measured by curl-ups performed in one minute, was increased by 4 repetitions. Even flexibility increased, as the average camper can sit and reach 1.1 more inches than they could at the beginning of camp!

The results of the Woodsmen strongly suggest that Camp Voyageur, through its extensive wilderness tripping and in-camp programs, will improve physical fitness in boys ages 9-18 in as little as 24 days. As a result, kids are smarter, happier, sick less, and they sleep better.

A few days ago, the session two campers completed their first round of tests. Check back in a few weeks for the results!