For the summer of 2018 we are offering 2, 4, 6, and 8 week packages for our campers. A $500 deposit is required to save your spot for camp. The balance of the tuition is due on June 1st. A final billing will be sent out in early September. Tuition does not include travel to camp. A spending allowance of $150 per four week session or $75 for two weeks for laundry and incidentals is added to the cost of tuition. Any remaining allowance will be fully refunded at the end of the session.

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Starter Sessions (First 2 Weeks of each Session): Testing the Waters

In only two weeks, campers will experience an abbreviated version of the traditional session. They’ll practice canoeing and camping skills before heading out on the trail for a 4 to 5 day canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). They’ll partake in some of the classic evening program traditions we have here at camp and get comfortable with how life in-camp and on the trail. This is an ideal choice for typically younger aged campers (12 and under) who are unsure how they’ll adjust to camp life and being away from home.

Traditional Sessions (4 Weeks): Wilderness Adventure Awaits!

Over four weeks kids bite into the full Voyageur experience. Campers partake in the Gong Show, the cardboard boat regatta, the WELK radio show, the CV’s Olympic games, and many more inspired traditions by our endlessly creative staff. Take day trips to fish, explore the iron mines that built America and visit the International Wolf  Center and the North American Bear Center.

Among our staff are trained athletes and musicians who can work with your child to insure they continue to practice. Campers will be encouraged to try new activities, such as sailing, windsurfing, archery, and more. All the while, we’ll be preparing them for two, progressively longer canoeing, hiking trips, or kayaking trips into the BWCAW, the Superior National Forest, Isle Royale the Apostle Islands and even the Quetico provincial park in Canada.

The Full CV Experience (8 Weeks): No Session is Ever Alike.

The best value in every sense of the word, eight weeks away from home rejuvenates the soul. Physical fitness becomes fun, wilderness trips unleash self-discovery. As  confidence grows, boys value responsibility to the group and seek opportunities to lead. This simple, physical life whittles one down to the essence of their character. Kids get fit, learn valuable life-long skills and confidence soars as they overcome new challenges. Experienced campers can spend nearly half their time on the trail.

Girls Trips (10 Days): Exploring the Northwoods

Camp Voyageur offers one 10-day canoe and one 10-day hiking trip for girls ages 9-18. Girls spend several days in camp planning and preparing for their canoe or hiking trip before heading out out for up to 7 days in the wilderness. Please email us at [email protected] to find out more about our girls’ program. Also be sure to check out their blog from 2015!

Available Discounts:

Early Registration
For campers who register before November 15th, save $100 per four-week session or $50 per two-week session.

Brothers Discount
Brothers receive a $100 discount off a four-week session for one brother.

10% Referral Discount
Voyageur offers an amazing 10% TUITION DISCOUNT to all campers for referring friends. This discount makes Voyageur affordable to most families. Here’s how it works. For every referred friend who attends Camp Voyageur, you save 10% on your camper’s tuition. So, if you bring two new friends to camp with you, you save 20%, bring three, save 30% and so forth.

Families can apply for Voyageur Foundation scholarships funded to help needy or merit campers attend a camp. Thanks to those few who have gifted generously, these outdoor educational scholarships make camp possible for more youth.