Wilderness Tripping Program

Progressive Tripping

One of the first activities campers will take part in is a wilderness camping clinic. Depending on their camping experience level, they’ll start with learning the basics: starting a fire, building a tent, and various canoe strokes. As they progress through our tripping program and gain more experience, they’ll start to learn more advanced skills: how to stern and carry a canoe, set up a rain-fly, cook a meal over a fire, and more.

Camp Voyageur has a three-tiered tripping progression, wherein the more experience the gain, the more access they’ll have to our advanced and expedition level trips. Over time a wilderness education creates self-reliance and builds confidence. Each year campers take longer and more rugged excursions through the diverse wildernesses nearby. As they traverses deeper into the woods, wilderness inspires adventure, community builds character and challenge accelerates growth.

The Foundation

Canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) are the foundation of our tripping program. This is where campers learn to pack, portage, carry and travel efficiently through the woods. For older or more experience campers, leadership opportunities to assist in leading a Boundary Waters trip are abundant. Skills such as navigation, cooking, decision making and managing group dynamics are developed and refined under the guidance of a counselor.

Advanced Trips

After a few trips, veteran campers can progress from a “Junior Bushwacker” to a “Senior Bushwhacker” and qualify for Advanced Trips. After achieving these ranks, they may go on to achieve the “Big Man” rank, a leadership position earned by being a secondary leader to a counselor on a wilderness trip.

Advanced Trips travel farther and leave a lasting impression on campers. While challenging, they are rewarding adventures that explore the more remote wilderness areas within our scope. You can learn more about where we go at the Interactive Maps page.


Camp Voyageur’s most experienced campers, over age 15, may be invited on two or three-week expeditions beyond our region. These trips will require pre-trip training in-camp. These are the adventures of a lifetime, venturing into regions known as much for their beauty as their remoteness.

Tripping Mountain