Trip Stories: Wildebeest Trout

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Hi, my name is Oliver, and this is my story about our trip from Snowbank Lake to Moose Lake. On this trip, we had eight people: Grant, Grayson, Drew, Gianni, myself, and our counselors Oscar, Asher, and Davis.

Our first day was a push day. We breezed through Snowbank Lake because the conditions were perfect—tailwinds and clear sky. I was proud of everyone, especially considering they were first-years. We all struggled on the portages, carrying the heavy gear over slippery rocks. For dinner, we had Asher’s “special” beans and rice, which was surprisingly delicious.

On day two, we made it to a secret lake where we caught lake trout. I had one fish that fought really strong, but I was stronger. I kept repeating to myself, “It fights like a wildebeest, but I am a lion.” Our pride of lions ended up eating five “wildebeest” that night. It was a feast to remember.

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Finally, we started heading back to Ensign Lake to find a campsite. As we pulled up to a beautiful spot, we were astonished by the magnificent sunset. We fell asleep quickly, tired from the day’s adventures. When we woke up the next morning, we felt refreshed and ready to take on a full day of paddling.

We ended our journey at Moose Lake and took a moment to cross paddles and talk about the amazing trip we had. In conclusion, my trip was fun, and I hope to come back to Camp Voyageur again. Thank you.