2010s: A Timeless Capsule

Voyageur rode the wave of technology into the 2010s, expanding its emphasis on documenting the summer with photos and videos to a greater degree than ever before. Growing alongside Camp’s burgeoning online media output was its draw as a screen-free outdoor experience, a rustic oasis in a media-saturated world. Camp’s growing enrollment attested to the rising need for kids to experience the simple life immersed in nature—the physicality and camaraderie of adventuring on the trail, the social togetherness of sitting around a campfire, and the create-your-own-fun style of playing that always fuels Voyageur’s in-camp program.

“There are probably

few places left

in the world

like this.”

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In addition, Camp Voyageur revived its decades-long battle with its pervasive diseased balsams, as Klondike days’ gold rush was replaced with seedling “balsam rush”, and a Firewise grant boosted the staff’s morale on the frontlines. Fishing was also reemphasized, as Voyageur received a grant from the Minnesota DNR to provide gear and staff angler training. The tennis court was converted into a three-court “pickleplex,” with pickleball replacing basketball as Camp’s most popular afternoon activity (although basketball is still extremely popular). Voyageur’s tripping program continued to offer its full suite of canoeing, hiking, and kayaking trips throughout the Superior-Quetico region, an increasingly rare experience for kids of this generation.