1990s: The Web of Possibilities

Camp Voyageur by the Decades

In the 1990s, the world learned what it meant to go “online,” and so too did Camp Voyageur. While Voyageur was not the first summer camp in the Northwoods to have a presence on the World Wide Web, once Jon Jenkins programmed the first Voyageur website, it instantly opened up new and intriguing possibilities for communication. Suddenly kids around the world could discover Camp Voyageur from the comfort of their own homes. Parents of campers, too, could stay more up-to-date than ever before during the summers with an updated photo gallery, blog posts, and eventually digital newsletters.

Camp in the 90s

Director John Erdmann showcases Voyageur’s unique blend of in-camp activities and wilderness tripping.

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As impactful as the Internet was, it was far from the only defining characteristic of the 1990s. Camp Voyageur also expanded its programming, embracing rock climbing for the first time with trips to nearby educational centers. The Apostle Islands became a staple kayaking expedition, and the Superior Hiking Trail proved to be a popular new backpacking destination for campers. Of course, the classic in-camp activities still thrived—Ultimate, soccer, basketball, as did the time-honored trips like the Little Triangle and Grand Portage. In that sense, the 1990s proved that Camp Voyageur could modernize—digitize—and still maintain what made it such a special, rugged place.

Voyageur Strong

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