Alumni Launch COVID Relief Campaign

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1966 Indianapolis Crew

A group of former campers from the 1960s and 1970s banded together this winter and hatched a plan to assist Voyageur’s recovery from the 2020 summer camp hiatus (resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic). Alumnus Greg Lippert is hoping that former campers, counselors, and friends can pool together to raise $200,000 by April 31st to ensure Camp Voyageur’s mission prospers into the next generation.

What is Camp’s mission?

Voyageur’s mission is to foster the personal growth of each camper through group interaction in a wilderness setting.

Lippert, with decades of CEO leadership experience as well as serving on non-profit boards and cause-related fundraising, partnering alongside his fellow alumnus Marcus Freihofer— with 35 years of experience in financial institution sales and marketing— of Carmel, Indiana started CV’s COVID Relief Campaign to ensure that Camp was back up and running in 2021. “Missing an entire summer is unprecedented and we did not want to see the next generation of campers not have the CV experience,” says Lippert, whose time on the trail gave him confidence at the age of 11 years. He was part of a fresh wave of campers back in 1966 following Camp founder Charlie Erdmann’s recruitment presentation that winter in Cincinnati.

“Living and enjoying the experiences in the great north woods where the daily conveniences of home life are left behind,” Lippert continues, “gives your boy the opportunity to grow in confidence and develop their leadership capabilities.” Lippert believes that CV provides a complete walk away from what young boys and men do for nine months of the year.

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Greg Lippert arrives at Camp Voyageur bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in 1966.

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Marcus Freihofer (red t-shirt) & crew wait for transportation back to Camp after their 1975 Pipestone River expedition.

As of March 12th, 52 people have contributed to the fundraising campaign. Lippert and Freihofer hope that many more will give to the COVID Relief Fund once they hear of it. “Of the several thousand former campers and counselors since Camp’s inception in 1951, we only have contact information for around 1,000,” says John Erdmann.

In addition to monetary donations, Greg and Marcus hope that other alumni will recapture the Voyageur Spirit and help them reach out to fellow camp friends to join in the cause.

So, please join us in supporting Camp Voyageur. Spread the word about the ongoing COVID Relief Campaign and share this blog post with Voyageur friends!

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