Ah, 'ze Rendezvous! Session 2 Round 2 Returns

Time is surely relative.

This summer has seemed to pass in the blink of an eye as we welcome our campers in from their last trip for the season. And yet for them, life on the trail can make each day seem like three. Only on a wilderness trip can you truly comprehend the distance you’ve traveled, knowing the shorelines of each lake you paddled through and each uphill section on the day’s portage. A few inches on a map is measured in hours, sometimes even days.

Be sure to check out the latest photos.

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This past week of weather has been incredible. Rarely getting above the mid 70s, scattered clouds would form throughout the day to provide occasional shade to our paddlers and then clear up for a beautiful sunset and starry sky. We try not to let the weather define our tripping experience, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have it!

Our campers will hardly catch a break. They’ll be coming in off the trail, cleaning up their gear, doing a traditional sauna-lake cleanse, and sharing trip stories with each other at the fire circle. And the next day? The start of the Voyageur* Olympics of course! (NOTE: Rio officials have required me to re-brand our Olympics to “Voyageur Olympics” to avoid an eminent legal battle).

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What are the Voyageur Olympics?!

Well, once a summer, athletes from around the world are summoned to the Camp Voyageur peninsula to face off in a series of sports and camp-related activities. A torch is lit, the Star Spangled Banner is played on trumpets, and campers salute the flag. Let the games begin!

Two team captains are selected by the Olympic commissioners from Cabin 9 – the eldest cabin on the peninsula. They’re tasked with forming and organizing their own teams to run a medley of events over the next two days, ending with the obstacle course on Banquet Night (this Friday, August 5th at 2:00pm!). It’s a surprisingly difficult task and a lot of responsibility. But what’s perhaps more astonishing is how smoothly the events run when almost completely organized by campers.

That’s all for now. We’ll be taking some incredible photos of the next few days in camp with veteran counselor (and maybe future photographer?!)Joe Baumann behind the camera, so expect great things!

Additional Info about the Banquet:

Where? 709 Voyageur Road, Ely, MN 55731

When? 2:00pm to about 7:00pm

Who? Camp alumni, friends & families are all invited!

I’m happy to say we’re expecting GREAT weather for Friday. Please let Deb know you’re coming if you haven’t already. We look forward to seeing you here! Be sure to bring your appetite!