Day 1, Session 1: It's only the beginning...

While one would expect the first day of camp to seem like the first day of school, it was anything but that. Friendships picked up right where they left off last summer, and in some cases, summers from 2-3 years ago. New campers hopped right into the program after settling into their cabin bunks.

Within hours of arriving, camp’s 25’ War Canoe was put to the test. We loaded it up with some of our strongest paddlers and took it for a spin. After a long restoration process, it’s good to know that it doesn’t leak. You hear that Elliott?! NO LEAKS! (Elliott Keller is a veteran camper and counselor who spent the better part of last year carefully and painstakingly restoring the beautiful canoe).

While it was an unusually rainy afternoon, spirits stayed high. The first cookout at the Fire Circle ended up taking place inside the Rec Hall, which is the first time in more than a decade we've been rained out! After getting their fill to eat, campers headed up the hill to get warm and dry in their cabins, and were then sent down to the Mess Hall. There, campers introduced themselves to one another on the stage. It was quite the rowdy crowd...

After some hot cocoa and banana bread, and a brief talk about camp policies by camp director John Erdmann, campers headed up the hill one last time for bed. We'll try to keep you posted on a daily basis with photos, so stay tuned for more!

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