Trip Stories: "Atop the Boundary Waters"

This trip story comes in from first year camper Chris during his 8 day trip in the Northern Boundary Waters. Although it was his second trip here at camp, it was his first canoe trip. He writes…

On my eight day trip from Snowbank Lake to camp, we took a lot of time to savor the great land that lay before us. We basked in the splendor of breathtaking overlooks, massive cliffs, crystal clear water, and brilliant green forests that surrounded each lake and river that we traversed. We were constantly rewarded for our hard work with these magnificent views, all from the place that we called home for eight days.

We descended upon Knife Lake on our first night, settling on a campsite just across from Thunder Point (a large mountain with a trail going to the top that overlooks the whole lake). The following morning, we hiked up to the top in hopes of a breakfast with a view. Our hopes came true in the most spectacular of ways. With oatmeal in hand, we soaked in the beauty of the expansive lake. By the end of our meal, our minds and bellies were in tranquil harmony, once again motivated for a day’s paddle.

Looking out at Thunder Point. Looking out at Thunder Point.

After having unprecedented luck with finding fantastic campsites, we stumbled onto THE Wisini campsite, just across from the Wisini rock pile. Echoing previous excursions, we scaled the large mass of rock in order to get another breakfast with a view. As it goes in the Boundary Waters, this short morning excursion did not disappoint.

Even more important than offering an incredible view of Wisini and beyond, the idea of sharing breakfast on an enormous rock facilitates group bonding as if we were all witnessing the most beautiful thing in the world at the same exact moment. It creates room to grow accustomed to the people you paddle with, and to share a commonality among people from different parts of the country or world. For that, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities we had on the trail to experience these unbelievable sights.
Enjoying dinner around the fire. Enjoying dinner around the fire.

Thanks to Chris for this very well-written piece on his trip last summer. We’ll be sharing more trip stories from last season in the near future, so stay tuned!

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