Session 3 Round 1: Heading Out!

Four groups will leave camp and head out on the trail for anywhere between 5 and 8 days. Each will explore a different region in the Boundary Waters, paddling many of the larger lakes along the border of the U.S. and Canada. These same waters are known regionally as the “Voyageur Highway,” a series of lakes that the french Voyageurs used to paddle along to trade with the first nation people in the interior. Many will also paddle through a 3-year-old recovering forest from the large Pagami Creek fire.

Some trips plan to focus on fishing, while others will explore the less traveled areas. Berries are in season, so they are sure to find blueberries and raspberries! Late July and early August weather promises beautiful days and less bugs, two things that can definitely make for easier traveling. The elements will certainly be in their favor.

While campers prepare for their trips, they’ll still be involved in the in-camp program, making the best of the warm temperatures out on the lake. Sailing, shelter building, swimming, archery, paddle sports, and hiking have all been popular activities this last week. Several days ago, campers went on day trips, with veteran campers headed for some smaller rapids to practice white water canoeing and another group heading off on a hiking trail along Secret Lake.

In addition to the daily activities, there are evening programs after dinner where counselors and campers alike put on a show and entertain one another. For example, this week featured “Casino Night,” a camp-wide event where campers were given fake money to use to play a variety of games.

As explained by the Casino representatives, “due to a loop-hole in local tax laws, our office found a way to get campers a tax rebate of $300 monopoly dollars.” He continued:

Rather than spend your money impulsively on candy and the like, you are all invited to invest and do your best to grow it… at the Casino. There will be several events aside from the games to spend your hard earned money on, culminating in a horse race on Pine Stadium. May you have the best of luck gentlemen.

It was quite the night. The horses turned out to be counselors running with other counselors piggy-back style around the field we have up on Pine Stadium. Somehow, the least-likely horse won the race and almost everyone lost their money… it was surely not a coincidence that the Casino’s favorite won.

You can start to see photos in the photo gallery as they come in! Each trip will also have their own photo gallery, posted by the first name of each camper on the trip.


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