What is Day 2 at Camp Like?

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Getting into the groove.

During the first couple days at camp is when you see the greatest adjustment in lifestyle for campers. Their new schedule is full to the brim with two long activity periods, three opportunities to swim and sauna, full-camp games up at Pine Stadium, and evening programs. Campers sleep well at night, with cool June temperatures still hitting the low 40s.

As we get deeper into the session, we learn which activities campers are more interested in and develop the program around them. We work to improve what we call “observable skills.” Whether it’s improving your Frisbee throw, or learning to kayak for the first time, we’ve got an expert on staff who can work with campers to teach and improve these skills.

A big part of improving observable skills is confidence building. When you give kids the opportunity to meaningfully impact a game, or sail a boat for the first time, they become more confident and willing to try new activities. That’s how we measure our success in-camp.

In the next couple of days, campers will really start to open up to one another. You notice it the most during the conversations at meal time. We eat three hearty meals a day together, and there always seems to be something to talk about… unless of course when the food is so good, we forget to talk for a little while.

As is usual at camp, two very ridiculous guests hosted tonight’s evening program, pictionary. Campers had an opportunity to work with their assigned teams to impress the guests. However, the subjects they had to draw were anything but easy. For example, a picture of a counselor taking a picture of a camper drawing that picture was the subject. There were many laughs.

After a brief intermission of banana bread and juice, a group of counselors gave a presentation on their canoe trip last summer from the camp dock to Hudson Bay. The trip spanned over 1,100 miles and crossed through two valley systems before eventually making it to the Albany River.

Campers are now preparing for day trips heading out Wednesday. This will be a chance for them to “get their feet wet” before heading out on their 4 to 6 day trips later this week.

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