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Youth Woodsmen Mid-Season Update

The Youth Woodsmen Competition kicked off a few weeks ago and it’s time for a mid-season update! The Woodsmen measures campers’ fitness levels when they arrive at camp and at the end of camp. Fitness tests included curl-ups, shuttle run,...
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CV Enters First Youth Woodsmen Competition

  The 2017 Youth Woodsmen Competition kicked off today and for the first time ever, Camp Voyageur signed up! The Woodsmen is a competition that dates back to the early 1950’s, when President John F. Kennedy said that “physical fitness...
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Nature’s Effect on Our Brains and Well-Being

Why are we drawn to nature? What makes the great outdoors so great? Sure, sunsets, snow-capped mountains, and endless oceans are beautiful and awe-inspiring.  But these words only describe these places; in fact they only scratch the surface.  Why do...
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