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Wilderness Trip Experts

Camp Voyageur is less than a mile from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). Campers set out for new wilderness destinations each week. Some want to fish and relax on the trail while veteran paddlers will criss-cross the entire Boundary Waters and Quetico interior. The first few days of a session are dedicated to teaching and reviewing camping and canoeing skills they'll need on the trail. Depending on a camper's age, abilities and interests, trips last from two to ten days. Our advance trippers paddle the Canadial Quetico Provincial Park, hike the rugged Superior Hiking Tail or Isle Royale and sea kayakers will paddle the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior.

We specialize in canoeing and backpacking in the nearby wilderness. The first few days of each session we teach the camping skills needed in the bush. Trips last from two to ten days. Each trip takes campers deeper into the BWCA. We practice minimum impact camping and travel in small groups, usually one counselor with four campers. We provide all outfitting equipment except for a sleeping bag and fishing gear.

At Voyageur we really camp! Campers paddle deep into the Boundary Waters along ancient routes and portage trails. Canoeing skills are taught the first few days of camp. Two and three day canoe trips sent out the first week reinforce the CV way of camping. Campers earn a spot on more difficult trips each week. Try to register early because entry permits into the BWCAW are limited and require two camper's names. We paddle 17 foot canoes, carry Duluth packs and sleep in Timberline tents. Bring your fishing tackle, a camera and a thirst for real adventure. We travel in small groups of one counselor and four campers. Our 25 foot Old Town war canoe powered by eight people provides a link with the Voyageurs of old. Campers over age 13 who attended Camp Voyageur before can select from popular canoe destinations with extra fees. It is NOT necessary to select these special trip options to be challenged by the canoe trips at Camp Voyageur.

In the safety of the camp bay campers learn that kayaks respond quickly. Paddling four kayaks in a group, campers must keep pace and help portage their own boat. Kayaks move best on the big waters where you have few portages. Each kayak's ports are filled with the group's camping gear and food. Kayak trips last from one to five days. A few campers may be selected to kayak among the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior for an additional fee.

Backpacking trails between rivers and lakes of the BWCA provide a unique perspective of the wilderness. Trails around Angleworm, Snowbank and Kekekabic Lakes see few visitors. Popular hikes along the Superior Hiking Trail and Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior offer varied terrain and breath taking vistas for an additional cost. Bring a good pair of hiking boots, a strong back and your personal backpack if you prefer.     For Boys 9 - 18 (800) 950 - 7291