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We Are Wilderness Camping Experts

We are wilderness canoe and hiking specialists. For over sixty summers Camp Voyageur has sent boys deep into these woods to explore the ancient waterways that connect Lake Superior with Hudson Bay and the Mississippi River. Located less than a mile from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Camp Voyageur is an ideal put in place for canoe trips. Traveling in small groups, campers learn the basics of canoe camping on short trips near camp starting the first week of camp. Campers take progressively longer trips as their stamina and skills improve.

We take pride in the efficient way our campers travel through the woods. We pack light so we can take each portage in one trip. Some campers want to explore new places or have particular destinations or sights they want to see. Others enjoy a more liesurely pace and prefer to fish their way through lakes. The Boundary Waters offer enough variety and adventure to last a lifetime. That's why so many campers and counselors come back year after year, to paddle to lakes and rivers they've not seen before.

Backpacking has become a very popular option for campers in recent years. We take some short (3 to 5 day) hikes in the Boundary Waters. Longer hikes take boys to the Superior Hiking Trail on the north shore of Lake Superior and to Isle Royale, a three-hour ferry ride from Grand Portage. These hikes offer breathtaking Lake Superior vistas and terrain that will challenge even the toughest camper.

A typical BWCA canoe trip
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